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The French culture comprises a wide range of values, customs, traditions and beliefs held by the inhabitants of France. This encompasses both the general population and specific groups such as artists or politicians. These cultural traits include cuisine, art, fashion, literature, music, cinema, history, politics, philosophy, science, religion, language, etc.

What is the national drink in France?

French people are not very fond of drinking alcohol. They prefer to eat or have tea and coffee instead. There are many different alcoholic drinks available but they usually do not consume them daily. The most popular beverage is beer with around one billion litres consumed every year and wine is second. Beer and wine consumption has been declining since 1950 but it remains high compared to other countries in Europe.

If you were a citizen of France what would your nationality be?

I am Italian so I would say that I belong to the Italian nationality, and  suppose that if I had lived in France for a longer time, I could consider myself more attached to its culture and traditions. I speak fluent English so this is my preferred nationality.

What is the difference between France and France? how do these differ?

F is pronounced like “fr” and means land. It describes where we live and also our country’s location. Fr is pronounced like “fur” and is used to describe the animal. A dog is un chien de france. We pronounce France as if we are saying “fraiche”, which means beautiful. In the past, France was called la belle France because it was known for its beautiful women.

 French vs. Francais, what’s the difference?

In English, we use French and Francais interchangeably, however, the correct form is french. French is the official language of France whilst français is spoken in Quebec (Canada), Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Switzerland, Monaco, Andorra, New Caledonia & Senegal.

What’s the best part of living in France?

It depends on who you ask! Some may enjoy the food, while others will talk about the museums, history and architecture. Personally, my favourite aspect of living in France is the diversity and the fact that you get to meet lots of new people from all over the world.

Why did the nazis come into power?

In the 1930s, the Germans occupied much of Europe, including France and it became obvious that there was little resistance possible. Therefore, they started putting their men in positions of power. By the way, the word nazi comes from the German word: National Socialist Party.

What are some interesting facts about it?

It is the biggest country in Europe. Only the Russian Federation can beat him in the area. He is located at the heart of Europa. It borders Germany, Luxembourg, Belgique, Italy, Spain, Monaco, Switzerland and Britain.

What is it’s  typical day like ?

Its normal day has 6 sections. Starting with breakfast and ending with dinner. Breakfast lasts 2 hours, lunch 1 hour and dinner 3 hours. People take their time eating and talking while they wait until the next course. Lunch consists mainly of sandwiches or salads, and dinner is usually accompanied by a dessert such as cheese and chocolate. During summertime, the days pass quickly and evenings seem to go on forever.

What’s different about France vs. America?

American food is served with fries and burgers whereas, in France, everything is done without deep-frying. Another difference is that Americans love fast cars, although not in France. Also, in America, people don’t sit down during meals and only talk when necessary. However, in France, everybody sits down together and talks regularly.

Is it a safe country?

Yes. Travelling alone is perfectly safe in France. However, never walk alone at night throughout big cities. Do not hesitate to ask someone for help if you feel uncomfortable. It has an excellent public transport system and muggings are very rare no matter how late you travel. There are more thieves in other parts of the world so be careful and keep your wits about yourself.


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